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Jamie Gatson, A Champaign,Illinois native didn’t start making rap music because he wanted money and fame, or even because he enjoyed it. It was his best friend death that gave life to Gatson's beginnings as an artist. Gatson was in turmoil. There was no way to bring his friend back.
 Before and after his death, Gatson wrote poetry; But he felt that nothing was helping him move on and he struggled with a deep depression that rooted in him as a result. So he blended his rhymes with rhythm, dedicating himself to finding a positive outlet for his pent up sadness, sense of loss and anger. And he let the world hear his unabashed thoughts, crafting tales about his inner turmoil, weaving his world view into his lyrics.
 Last July, Gatson put out Blessed To Become A Blessing, a seven-track EP that was sort of a coming-of-age project for him. He preparing for his new release Draft Day later in 2019. Till this day his coping mechanism was always an outlet for his own expression.